Saturday, 1 February 2014

When in Belgium

Few days ago, I went on my university trip to Antwerp, Belgium and it was quite a fun trip. Thanks to my dear friends whose accompany really made the trip even better. I am going to share some photos below from my trip, enjoy.

On the second day, my group went to see the exhibition at Mode Museum.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Topman A/W 2014

As everyone is aware of the fact that, LCM (London Collections Men) had ended last Wednesday on 8th January. And I wanted to share some of my favourite looks from Topman's A/W 2014 collection.

The cyan blue is perfect colour for the sad winter season.

Another long jacket with same cyan blue colour, I know it looks unflattering on the model but I think it's a beautiful design. I am not only saying it because I have got alike jacket hehe.

The knitted jumper with small colour crystal details looks like a paints on a white canvas. 

 Something about this jumper makes me think it looks like two different pieces attached together but I do like a pop of bright orange with the black and flesh tone detail on top.

Day at British Museum & Korean Dinner

As this is my first blog for this year, I just wanted to write on how my day went today. For my university's project. I have been assigned a country which is Canada so, to get some primary research I went to the British Museum with my friend Kim. 

After that we went on to a Korean Restaurant in  Holborn called Kimchee to have our dinner. It was a beautiful and clean place.  The food were really good and tasty as well. I had jajangmyeon (noodles) with some chicken dumpling and beef with egg york. And Kim had some spicy chicken pho soup with rice.

Chicken Dumpling with Beef and Egg Yoke

Spicy Chicken Pho Soup with Rice for Kim

Pork JajangMyeon for me

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